Misura in Italy is the leading brand in innovation and a pioneer in the wellness world.

After its rollout in drugstores in 1974, the Misura brand has won over consumers thanks to a wide range of products created to meet the most diverse nutritional needs.

Since its beginning it has always strived to offer its customers delicious and nutritious products that help rediscover the pleasure of eating well. Today Misura is “the goodness that loves you” which signifies the pleasure of eating something delicious and the pleasure of doing something good for yourself.

Misura has 8 different product lines: FIBREXTRA - with the exclusive selezione integrale Misura , NO MILK AND EGGS - milk and egg free, NO SUGAR ADDED - without added sugar, MULTIGRAIN - with wheat, oats, barley, rice, corn and rice, SOY with soy flour – GLUTEN FREE – gluten-free products, LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX and LOW SALT, with a low salt content, for a total of 7 categories: biscuits, snacks, treats, cereals, crackers, rusks and pasta. 100% full of great taste thanks to precious and unique ingredients.

Colussi Group acquired the Misura brand in 1996.