Colussi Group

Colussi Group

With determination and constancy, we chart the future course of a great Group

Colussi Group is a private Italian food company. It originated as a small, artisanal food manufacturer in 1911. Through a constant pursuit of excellence, Colussi has grown into a solid company whose diverse operations in the high-quality food sector has also earned it success on the main European markets.

Colussi's operations include manufacturing and marketing a comprehensive range of high-quality foods: pasta, rice, bakery products and patisserie. Excellent products to suit the modern lifestyle, the fruit of passion, technology, research and innovation.

Quality is a family trait
Colussi Group comprises five of the finest food brands in the Italian tradition: Colussi, Misura, Agnesi, Flora, Sapori 1832. Colussi's strong market presence in Italy and abroad is the framework of a company that mobilises efficiency, flexibility and competitiveness in its endeavour to be at the forefront of the international scene.

Quality, with no compromises.

History and values

Colussi Group

Companies are often the fruit of a brainwave, the spark that starts the engine of entrepreneurial dynamism and changes the course of events forever. Colussi Group is no exception, thanks to the work of three generations of business people with a single objective: excellence. 

Colussi worldwide

Colussi Group

Colussi Group's business strategy centres on new partnerships and takeovers aimed at broadening and strengthening its range of quality foods and at sharing an ethical, responsible work philosophy with our present and future partners.

Selection, attention, care

We co-operate with our suppliers in implementing continuous inspections of the raw materials and dozens of checks are regularly carried out across the entire production chain.

Constant commitment focused on making delicious, flavourful and 100% safe products.


Research and innovation

High quality is the guiding principle underpinning the Group's activities,a principle inspired by its long tradition of excellence. Quality entails the constant commitment of every person working for the Group and a capacity for continuous innovation in order to achieve ever-better results.