Colussi worldwide

Colussi worldwide

International expertise, strong roots

The Group's growing international presence is concrete proof of a positive growth trend underpinned by innovative products and the management's strategic business plan.

The Group gathers together Colussi S.p.A., Albea 90 s.r.l. and So.Gest.I. s.r.l., and its product portfolio includes many of the top Italian brands of pasta, rice and bakery and patisserie products.

Colussi, Misura, Agnesi, Flora, Sapori 1832: household-name brands renowned for their excellence, product variety and constant innovation: just a few reasons for their success on the key European markets.

Together with its partners and through its sales networks and production units - two of which are in Russia and one in Romania - Colussi Group works to ensure productivity, efficiency and competitiveness and to promote and spread Italian food traditions outside their national borders.

Colussi Group's business strategy centres on new partnerships and takeovers aimed at broadening and strengthening its range of quality foods and at sharing an ethical, responsible work philosophy with our present and future partners.