Storia e valori

History and values

A century of passion

One hundred years that describe and define the profile of a great Italian food group: Colussi Group.

Companies are often the fruit of a brainwave, the spark that starts the engine of entrepreneurial dynamism and changes the course of events forever. Colussi Group is no exception, thanks to the work of three generations of business people with a single objective: excellence.  

More than one hundred years which turned a little artisanal activity into a solid corporation intent on manifesting its great love of Italian food traditions at the highest level. While promoting high quality in everything it does, today the Group is driving to conclude its internationalisation process, thereby promoting Italian craftsmanship around the world.

The future is full of new challenges and ambitious development plans that will boost the Group's presence in high-potential markets by leveraging its Italian character, its food expertise and its founding principles.

Colussi Group's work is underpinned by four fundamental values:

Responsibility to those who choose Colussi, its brands and products.

Research, development and dynamism while defending tradition.

Listening, responding and acting. Honouring commitments.

Implementing environmental protection-led practices and procedures for the good of those who come after us.


Angelo Colussi, the founder of the family business, opened his first artisanal bakery in Venice. The Colussi bakery made only bread at first, then it specialised in making Baicoli, a traditional thin biscuit of Venice.


Angelo's sons - Angelo, Alessandro, Giacomo and Alberto - stepped into his shoes. They turned the firm into an industry by opening the first factory and equipping it with state-of-the-art plant.


In Italy's postwar reconstruction and economic boom years, and fuelled by entrepreneurial enthusiasm, Giacomo transferred the family know-how into a modern production unit.  Gran Turchese was introduced in 1955. This delicious shortcrust biscuit would go on to be the favourite of generations of Italians, making Colussi one of the most popular bakery-product brands.


While Gran Turchese starred in a memorable TV commercial, the firm started to diversity its production. In addition to its traditional sweet biscuits, Colussi introduced new savoury ranges: zweiback rusks and crackers.


Product diversification continued with the introduction of pasta, rice and seasonings. In 1996 Colussi acquired the Misura brand, thus entering the health foods market.  In 1997 it entered into an industrial partnership, with FoodCo., in order to penetrate the snack market.

In 1998 Colussi expanded its rusk production and, following its takeover of the Audisio brand from the Dutch multinational CSM, started exporting pasta. In 1999 Colussi took over the Agnesi Group, and its Agnesi, Flora and Ponte brands, from Danone, thereby increasing its share of the pasta market and entering the rice market. In the same operation, Colussi also acquired the Liebig brand, which opened up the way to the seasonings segment.


2000 and new challenges for the new millennium. Existing production ranges broaden out and there is greater focus on international markets in order to conclude the Group's internationalisation process, thereby promoting Italian craftsmanship around the world.

In 2000 Colussi took over Colussi Milano, a biscuit manufacturer founded by a different branch of the family. In 2001 the Group acquired Eurico from Cereol-Eridania Beghin-Say, thus expanding its rice segment from parboiled to include ordinary rice. In the same year it took over the time-honoured Maltagliati brand for the Russian market.

In 2004 it was the turn of Sapori and its brands Sapori 1832, Pepi, Tinti, Parenti and Vialetto, completing Colussi's range with high-quality patisserie and Tuscan speciality biscuits. In 2006 it bought Albea 90, an industrial bread brand.

In 2007 its takeover of Pangram boosted Colussi's presence in eastern Europe in the pasta segment and an agreement with Del Monte Europe Ltd, launches its exclusive distribution in Italy of tinned fruit and fruit drinks. In 2009, the creation of CI Group (a joint venture with Infolink) increased Colussi Group's standing in the Russian and neighbouring markets.