What is Colussi Group?
Colussi Group is a leading food producer in Italy and Europe. Driven by passion and business flair, the company grew from a small bakery shop into a major company. It gradually diversified its production and focused on excellence while selecting and offering products that introduce Italian artisinal expertise to the world.
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Where are Colussi Group products made?
Colussi Group has production units in Piedmont, Lombardy, Liguria, Tuscany and Umbria.

How can I contact Colussi Group?
You'll find all the contact details you need in the following sections:
  - Headquarters
  - Business
  - Marketing
  - Other contacts

How can I work with Colussi Group?
Build an opportunity-rich future: work with Colussi Group. Find out about available positions and send in your curriculum vitae.

What does Colussi Group do for our environment?
Colussi Group promotes environmental protection and respect; a correct, responsible use of resources; and sustainable waste disposal.

What are Colussi Group's ethical principles?
Legality, fairness, transparency and respect for human dignity are Colussi Group's four guiding ethical principles.