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Colussi international

Representing well fulfilled consumer needs and excellence, Colussi is a celebrated brand in the Italian tradition of fine food.

It embodies the belief of doing things well that dates back to 1911. Since then, the brand has constantly succeeded in reinventing itself with new, trendy products that meet the complex, multifaceted food needs of contemporary consumers. It represents the authentic taste of Gran Turchese, the distinctive golden pastry biscuit that has become a favourite treat for entire generations of Italians for an early meal or an afternoon snack.

Agnesi international

Since 1824 in the Italian town of Imperia, on the shores of the Mediterranean sea, the Agnesi family has dedicated itself to producing the world's finest pasta. Over the years, an ordinary mill was transformed into Italy’s leading pasta producer, thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of the Agnesi family.

Misura international

Misura is the brand which pioneered a healthy and balanced diet in Italy. Launched in 1974 with a pharmacy distribution strategy at a time when the market for wellness food products was virtually non-existent, Misura quickly won over both consumers and large-scale retailers, thanks to its product portfolio.