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Since 1824 in the Italian town of Imperia, on the shores of the Mediterranean sea, the Agnesi family has dedicated itself to producing the world's finest pasta

Since 1824  in the Italian town of Imperia, on the shores of the Mediterranean sea, the Agnesi family has dedicated itself to producing the world's finest pasta. Over the years, an ordinary mill was transformed into Italy’s leading pasta producer, thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of the Agnesi family.
Today, more than a century of tradition is contained in the Agnesi logo: the sailing boat in its centre represents the pioneer of the fleet of ships that used to sail from Liguria to the Sea of Azov to load Taganrog, the durum wheat rated as the best in the world.

Colussi has remained consistent to the 185 years of Agnesi’s values: Heritage - Expertise - Italian Authenticity – Reliability and offers quality and excellence emblematic of the Italian tradition and typical of the Mediterranean diet, with a complete range of products able to satisfy the increasingly diversified demands of today’s and tomorrow’s consumers.
Agnesi proudly states its high quality through a new suit for its pasta, designed for both the Italian and International markets. In the foreign markets, a special “box” pack has been developed to match the Agnesi premium positioning. In fact, the grey colour helps the pack standing out from the shelf, while the Agnesi corporate blue acts as the brand colour code. A special “window” has been cut into the middle of the pack to show all the product’s appeal. Beside it, a strong payoff along with the Italian colours witnesses all the Agnesi passion and Italian knowledge. This philosophy is consolidated with the further integration of the Agnesi sailing ship in the logo, together with the foundation date of the company. Thus the logo now plays a leading role on the pack front, as a guarantee of tradition and quality.

The range of 400g red sauces and 185g pesto sauces have exclusively been developed for the international markets in order to diffuse the Italian genuine flavours worldwide. While the red sauces are perfect for the Agnesi pasta, the pesto sauces not only are the ideal condiment for pasta and rice, but can also be used to create tasty snacks.

Along with the new packaging, 2010 saw the launch of two new special ranges.
Firstly, Le Liguri - “Trofie Liguri” and “Trenette Liguri”, designed for the consumer to discover the Ligurian way of eating pasta, resulting in a daily renewal of the old tradition.

Secondly, Gemma – produced with the best durum wheat semolina and 5% wheatgerm, the most precious part of the grain, in order to obtain a pasta remaining firm when cooked, yet with a sweet, natural taste and a distinctive genuine fragrance.

Moreover, a restyling of the product range for the costumers in the horeca sector has been carried out. Through the Speciale Food Service line, a new range of Pesto and Bruschetta sauces respectively in 1kg and 950g plastic jars have been introduced, making the perfect condiment for the Agnesi Food Service range of Pasta. This latter range offers different shapes of pasta in a 3kg format and is special in many ways: it remains firm after traditional cooking and double cooking, has an excellent tensile strength, its texture is always “al dente”, yet preserving the quality, convenience and high cooking performances of the traditional Agnesi pasta.