Research & innovation

Research and Innovation

We respond to the needs of increasingly discerning consumers who want and expect only the best

The Group's direct contact with its consumers and its active collaboration with the scientific world and the specialist media provide invaluable indicators about market expectations, trends and lifestyles. This information helps us to understand the needs of external and internal customers and to respond to them quickly and efficiently.

Colussi Group works constantly to improve its products: an ambitious objective that is an integral part of our history and the values that have guided us since the company's beginnings. To this end, we invest in R&D and work with nutritionists, agricultural experts, doctors, chemists, economists and IEM engineers on national and international levels.

The following are our main partnerships: 

  • Department of Information Engineering - University of Parma
  • Department of Agriculture - University of Molise
  • Department of Economics and Appraisal Science & Food Science - University of Perugia
  • Department of Nutrition and Dietetics - University of Perugia
  • Department of Electronic & Information Engineering - University of Perugia
  • Department of Chemistry – University of Perugia
  • Department of Agriculture - University of Perugia
  • Department of Specialist & Experimental Clinical Medicine - University of Bologna
  • Department of Food and Microbiological Science & Technology – University of Milan
  • Department of Pharmacology - University of Milan
  • Science Teaching & Research Centre, Terni
  • G.B. Rossi General Hospital - Verona
  • Cereal Farming Research Institute - Rome
  • Department of Paediatrics - Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital - Rome
  • R&D Centre O’Sata – Satakunta Polytechnic – Pori - Finland
  • The European Commission - Research Directorate-General – Brussels – Belgium